About Us

Hey Mate, Thanks for visiting 10ion.com

10ion is basically a platform where we like to spread some vital information that could help one to get his/her perfect fit when it comes to any product they want to buy.

Yeah, in the speedy life it takes too much of efforts and time to research and finalize a perfect fit based on our requirements and budget.


Well, here at 10ion you’ll be getting all the details about top 10 products on the market in any category.

Also, as we prefer to look at the smallest detail (you may consider it as ion or a partical of any body) about it and then only we like to provide it to our readers so that they could trust on the product they’re gonna buy.

Moreover, while reviewing any product type, let it be home improvement or garden or outdoor related product, we do our detailed and buyer oriented research. Above all, before crafting piece of information on any product it goes through a specific process that reduces chances of incorrect product inclusion to near 0.01%

Our process of reviewing any product is as follows :-

  • We check prime purpose of the product type and its user base.
  • We pass each product through our predefined filters of safety, convenience, comfort and longetivity.
  • We reach out to people who’ve used those products in their real life. And collect data, also we verify all the data we’ve collected during our research.
  • Each smallest data regarding product is provided to our team and they write on it.
  • Once after writing a comlete review we again proof read it and eliminate the wrong fact (if there is any).

Yeah, you can see what you’ll be getting at the end of the process will be a complete piece filled with information in its truest form.

Our prime vision for this platform is to provide information about quality products to our readers and we’ll keep doing it.

Also, we’d like you to share your experience if you’ve bought anything after reading our buyer’s guide or reviews on any particular product and we’ll gladly feature your experience on our site.

Thanks for your time to visit us and in case of any query feel free to drop us a message using our contact us page.