Rheem VS Ecosmart – Comparing 2 Best Tankless Water Heaters On The Market

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Improvements and advancements in the technology brings new comfort and convenience.

Gone are those days of hassle when we were required to fill up the tank to heat the water. Yeah, it’s 2019 and nowadays technology has got tremendous traction for household appliances as well.

In this Rheem VS Ecosmart article cum comparison, we’ll be comparing Rheem RTEX-13 and Ecosmart Eco 27 for our readers.

Yeah, it’d be great to mention that both of this products have succeeded in securing a safe place on our list of Best On-Demand Tankless Water Heater Reviews as well.

Moreover, here we’d be differentiating or comparing most vital 10 aspects of both of this models.

Yeah, no irrelevant information and plain knowledge that matters to you in your decision making process.

So buckle up buddy! It’s time to get brief and detailed view on this two top rated brands on the market.

Rheem VS Ecosmart – The Best 10 Point Comparison

RHEEM VS ECOSMART - Comparison Between Rheem RTEX 13 VS Ecosmart ECO 27

As both are from different manufacturer, it’d be good to know their credibility and reliability scores.

So let’s start with brand reputation.

Brand Reputation & Credibility

Both brands are on the market since ages. Yeah, Rheem is doing well since around 1925, also at the beginning this brand was mainly in the petroleum packaging industry.

With time it evolved and today they’re producing a vast product line in water heaters and boilers market.

On the other hand, Ecosmart is doing working in this industry since more than 2 decades and has gained tremendous amount of love and satisfaction from their users and customers.

Moreover, both are USA based brands. Now, as far as credibility and trustworthiness is concerned, both brands have got fabulous response for their products.

However, on almost all the shopping sites over internet, Ecosmart has higher number of reviews and rating in past and present as well. Also, it could be due to different capability and expectation segment as well.

Yeah, in our opinion, both are best in doing what they’re supposed to do.

Build Quality of Rheem RTEX-13 VS Ecosmart Eco 27

If we talk about dimension’s first, then Rheem features body size of 13” X 9” X 4” and weighs around 8-9 pounds, while Eco 27 is build with size of 17” X 17” X 3.6” and weighs around 14 pounds.

Yeah, Rheem is smaller in size and lighter in the weight compared to Ecosmart Eco 27.

Also, Ecosmart model is Sleemer in the size compared to RTEX-17.

As far as material quality is concerned, Rheem RTEX-13 is using Rugged copper finishing with stainless steel materials for outer body design. Also, this steel is completely rust proof and fights against corrosion issues very well.

On the other hand, Ecosmart is build using high level copper materials and completely protected against harsh situations.

Heating Chamber Activation Requirement

As energy efficiency is mainly dependent on activation abilities, it is important to know what level of minimum pressure is required to activate a tankless water heater’s heat exchanger.

Well in this case, Ecosmart Eco 27 is better than Rheem RTEX-13. Yeah, while RTEX-13 needs minimum flow rate of 0.4 GPM to activate its heating element, Eco 27 only requires 0.25 GPM to do so.

Yeah, if you’re expecting better and quick heating at even lowest flow rate of 0.25GPM then Eco 27 will be ideal for you.

Power Requirements of Rheem VS Ecosmart

Well Rheem RTEX-13 is a 13 KW model while Eco 27 is a 27KW model.

Also, Ecosmart variant can handle as much as 112.5Amp at the max while Rheem RTEX-13 can handle up to 50Amp. Also, additional Amp pole will be needed for doing so in both the cases.

Moreover, Ecosmart requires 3 X 40Amp Breaker while Rheem requires only 1 X 50Amp breaker.

Recommended wire guage for Eco 27 is 3 X 8AWG while for Rheem 1 X 6AWG.

So yeah, based on the ideal conditions and your expectancy you may choose the one which fits best in your household.

Output Flow Rate

Here’s the game changer. Yeah, looking at above mentioned figures you might be thinking of Ecosmart as better than Rheem. But, that’s not the case. Yeah, it is all about output capability in most ideal situation.

Well, even at being low on power requirements, Rheem RTEX-13 is capable of producing 4.0GPM at the maximum. While, Eco 27 can reach up to 4.3 GPM at max.

However, output flow rate also depends on the most ideal climates. And might change according to your location and climate conditions.

Energy Efficiency – Which One Saves More Money for You?

An important yet mostly neglected concern is Energy efficiency. Yeah, it is important to know how much a unit is capable of saving even at heavy everyday usage. Also, knowing energy efficiency stars will help you to determine worth and importance of each product.

Well in this case as well, Rheem is better than Ecosmart. Yeah, RTEX-13 is 99.8% energy efficient and saves hell lot of money even at rough usage.

However, Ecosmart Eco 27 has only capability of being 50% Energy efficient. Which is far more compared to Rheem’s variant.

Additional Features – What Else They Have to Offer?

Both are electrical units and succeeds to pass through our ideal requirements and expectations.

Moreover, both brands have spend enough of resources, time and money on designing their respective models. Yeah, it is completely justified if you look at the features and capability that it has to offer.

To make things easy for you, both brands have equipped their products with more comfortable features as well.

What are they? Let’s take a look.

Well, for controlling temperature and your flow rate, both unit features a thermostatic temperature controller along with temperature display on the front.

Moreover, Both are equipped with smart sensing sensor, which is a technology that detects required flow and activates the heating process.

Also, both has self modulation technologies. However, technology in each one is different from another one as both brands have utilized their own patented technology for this purpose.

Bringing a smart and sensor equipped product requires additional care with electrical fitments, though it’s not the case when you bring Eco 27 or RTEX-13.

Yeah, these are capable of protecting power lines from accidental events and balanced power accordingly.

Safety Measures & Certification – Rheem VS EcoSmart

Safety And Care Cosidered Well - RHEEM VS ECOSMART

Well, both products are safe and non hazardous. However, as these are electrical appliances, we won’t recommend you to let your kids operate it. Well, it’s just an advice.😊

Moreover, Ecosmart products are certified by ETL and CSA/CAN while no mention regarding any certification has been provided by the Rheem.

Also, due to their compact sizes, none of these model requires venting.

Warranty – Terms And Policy

Buying a product don’t end the game. Yeah, a decent and satisfactory support is vital for future safety and assurance.

Ecosmart ECO 27 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, according to their terms and policy, only electronics and exchanger elements are covered in the warranty.

Also, they’ll not bear any labour cost or accidental damage done to the unit.

Rheem RTEX-13 comes with 5 years of warranty on heat chamber and 1 years of cover on manufacturing detects or accidental failure of parts. So yeah, now you’re clear with everything from technical and future safety aspect in this Rheem VS EcoSmart comparison.

Also as usual, every brand provides warranty cover only if installation has been done by a professional plumber or electrician.

Budget Fitment

Well, as they says, quality comes at a price.

Budget Fitment - Ecosmart VS Rheem Comparison

Yeah, as you’ve already seen, each product by both of this respective brands has their own plus and minus sides.

Moreover, based on their quality of product and materials they’re priced perfectly. Also, both has different capabilities and requirements.

To be precise, Rheem is priced lower compared to Ecosmart. However, suitability of both the products are different and made for different level of segment in mind.

That’s all for this comparison guys. Now, as you’re having enough of information, you can make your decision. If you’re still confused then let’s have a brief closing.


Well, here’s a bonus! In case, you’ve made your mind to go for Rheem RTEX 13 then this tips will definitely help you in implementing leak prevention.

Check this video out for the same.

Our Verdict on Ecosmart VS Rheem Comparison

As we already mentioned, both products are suitable for different segment of people. Also, both has different requirements in terms of input flow rate and power supply.

Moreover, depending on the matter of benefits and advantages you’re looking for in your tankless water heaters you may choose your beast.

However, if the thing that matter for you is only and only output capability then go for Ecosmart.

Also, if you’re unsure about its use and feeling skeptic about anything then go for Rheem. Their support is highly praised by people.

As both has different capabilities, you should first decide on your requirements and needs. Then after, you’ll have better idea about which one is a perfect fit you.

However, if you want to go for any specific brand out of these two but these models are not ideal for your requirements then Ecosmart has different variants in Eco series like Eco 18, Eco 24, Eco 27 and so on.

Same way Rheem has different variant in RTE series as well.

You should take a look for an ideal fit from your brand then.


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