Ecosmart 24 VS 27 – Brief Comparison of Best Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters

Featured Image - ECOSMART 24 VS 27

As we all know, after a huge success in European and Japanese market, Tankless Water Heater revolution is getting traction in the USA and Canada as well.

Yeah, it is due to bright sides offered by this invention.

Who won’t like to have a self sensing, comfortable, smart and safer home appliance in their home?

However, on the verge of getting best at people often end up being cheated. Yeah, proper research and knowledge of determining an ideal fit is required to bring something worthy home.

Well, we’ve done all the job for you. Also, in this article we’d like to compare two well known models from a renowned brand Ecosmart.

Yeah, we’ll give each aspect, good and bad in this Ecosmart 24 VS 27 comparison. Obviously, we’re talking about Eco 24 & Eco 27 to be precise.

Ecosmart 24 VS 27 – Compared from 10 Best Spec’s Point of View

Ecosmart 24 vs 27 - A Brief Comparison

Yeah, we’ll compared both models from 10 different aspects.

May be more! Who knows? Let’s start.

Build – Durability and Strength in Eco 24 & 27

Yeah, build quality being the most vital factor in any home appliance, we’d like to start with it.

Well, as both the models are manufactured by the same manufacturer so you might have guessed it right. Yeah, both are build up of same quality of materials and features almost same body design.

Also, apart from output oriented parts like Heat exchanger & chamber, all are of same quantity and capability.

When we looked at it from design and elegance point of view, it was hard for us to differentiate both the models. Yeah, both features same exterior design as well.

Well, it’s not an ordinary comparison of different brands and different models like this Rheem VS Ecosmart comparison, instead it’s a comparison of 2 different models of same brand. So, yeah it is obvious to focus on build quality instead of brand worth.

Compactness – Which One is More Compatible for Indoor Installation?

Regarding dimensions, both models Eco 24 & Eco 27 has same size and weight. Yeah, that was the reason for our inability to differentiate each one.

Moreover, both model features size of 17” X 17” X 3.6” and weighs around 13.75 pounds. Agree! It is a bit heavy, though it is so compact that you can mount it on the wall, inside wall cabinet or even you can install it under the sink.

Yeah, no more unusual attention from strangers and outsiders on your home appliances.

Requirements – Concerning Power & Electrical Setup

As these are electrical variants of tankless water heaters, they need appropriate power supply to obtain better and satisfying performance.

Both models are same in all aspects of power supply requirements, only one difference.

Ecosmart Eco 27 requires 27 KW of energy for functioning, yeah it is equipped with three different heat exchanger each with requirement of 9 KW.

On the other hand, Ecosmart Eco 24 needs 24 KW for operations, and is equipped with three heat exchangers with capacity of 8KW.

Also, Ecosmart Eco 27 can handle maximum Amperage of 112.5 Amp while Eco 24 can handle 100 Amps.

Both unit requires 3 breakers of 40 AMP each for safer operation, also while installation appropriate care concerning wire gauge has to be taken as wire gauge requirements for both are 3 X 8 AWG.

Controlling Unit – Convenience and Comfort from Technical Point of View

Well, its good to have a digital display in an home appliance for precise preference and output.

And, Ecosmart understands our needs and expectations very well. Ecosmart 24 & 27 both are equipped with a same sized and same quality thermostatic temperature controller unit.

Also, both units displays preferred choice on a digital temperature display.

The dial on the units gives you freedom of setting temperature of water in your proffered way with 1 unit raise on each move.

Inside working – Heating Element Activation And Pressure Requirements

Inside Working - Ecosmart 24 VS 27

Ecosmart has equipped their products with auto sensing activation technology. Also, it is patented by the brand and is rarely available in any other brand’s product with same capability and precise working.

Moreover, it requires 0.3 GPM of inlet flow to activate its heating elements. Yeah, both models has same requirements in terms of heating element activation.

And, as soon as it detects required flow, boom! Heating process will be activated and hot water available to all your output points within fraction of a minute.

That’s why It has succeeded in occupying its place in our list of top rated tankless water heaters based on its scientific design and working.

Output Flow Rate – Capability to Provide Hot Water in Eco 24 & 27

Output flow rate and requirements - Eco 24 VS 27

Image Credit :- Ecosmart‘s official site.

Before proceeding futher, we’d like to convey a practical and well justified point.

Yeah, many brands on the internet are advertising that their product is capable of providing blah blah GPM. However, the fact is, output flow rate majorly depends on the temp rise of inlet water.

Yeah, if your water input is cold and you’re living in a cold climate situations, then GPM will decrease and that is understandable point.

Well, Ecosmart has provided a decent and well represented visual graph to get perfect and precise decision. Yeah, that’s what we call genuineness and reliability of a brand.

For an overview, we’d like to mention flow rate of most ideal climate where inlet temp rise is 42F.

And in that case, Ecosmart Eco 24 can provide 2.6GPM of output flow rate, on the other hand, Ecosmart Eco 27 is capable of producing 2.93GPM with an ease.

Energy Efficiency – Ecosmart 24 VS 27 Which One is an Ultimate Cost Saver?

On the verge of low budget hunt, many people end up buying a pocket hole digger.

Ecosmart has taken care of the things and designed their products in more scientific way. Yeah, Ecosmart Eco 24 is as efficient as it can save up to 60% cost on your water heating.

While, Ecosmart Eco 27 can save up to 50% of cost on water heating. Also, this feature is counted among top 10 benefits of using tankless water heaters so you should pay proper attention on this for long term savings.

Suitability – Which One is Ideal for You?

Well, suitability is based on your need mainly.

Yeah, if you’re a family of 4 members then bringing something suitable for 2 or for 6 won’t be a good bet.

And, that’s the aim of this Ecosmart 24 VS 27 comparison, yeah to help you in these sort of decisions.

Moreover, our determination is based on your outlet points. Yeah, Ecosmart 24 is capable of providing hot water on 1 shower and 2 taps simultaneously. On the other end, Eco 27 is capable of covering 2 shower heads and 2 taps at a time. We’ve determined this outlet figures based on most ideal temp rise of 42F.

So yeah, for one bathroom and 2 sinks? Eco 24 will be a good bet. And, for two bathrooms and 2 sinks Eco 27 will be a great bet.

Installation – How Easy it is?

As these are electrical devices, we’d recommend to consult a professional plumber or electrician for doing the job.

Moreover, due to its compact size and ergonomic design it is not hard to mount of install. Though for making change in electrical supply help of a professional is recommended.

For ease of understanding have a look at this video explaining everything about ecosmart tankless water heater installation.

Price – What Would Be Initial Investment?

Ecosmart is a brand known for value for the money products. Moreover, in our opinion one should consider recurring cost while making decision and not the initial cost.

Well, due to more efficiency and better energy rating Ecosmart Eco 24 is priced a bit more compared to Eco 27.

To know the price difference of both the products consider taking a loot at its listings.

Our Verdict on Ecosmart Eco 24 VS 27 Comparison

Well, you’ll be knowing that one one model out of these two models is also included in our list of top 10 best tankless water heaters and for understanding why second one was eliminated, this comparison might have helped you too.

In our opinion, it wasn’t a Ecosmart 24 VS 27 comparison, instead it was a mere help to people who’re confused in between this two models by ecosmart.

As, we stated earlier, depending on your preference, family size, external factors like climate and location altitude, and budget you can make a better decision.

Also, these are electrical variants so you may not worry about any release of toxic gases or anything like that.

Moreover, brand has obtained a decent credibility score by providing real working and performance oriented products which are on the same side energy efficient as well.

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