Top 10+ Answers To The Question What Are The Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater?

It’s a common question that we should ask to ourselves before deciding to buy a product.

In this case, our product is a tankless water heater. Yeah, if you’re thinking about the benefits of using a tankless water heaters before buying it then you’re a smart guy and there in no doubt in that.

Well, as we were getting many questions, as to why buy a tankless water heaters?,What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?, What tankless water heater provides, that a tank type conventional heaters fail to provide? And so on.

We think, we should compile a list of top 10 reason that justifies the worth of a tankless water heater and proves how it is better than conventional heaters.

So, now, let’s begin with our list of top 10 answers to the question, “What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?”

What Are The Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater? – 10 Answers To a Single Question.

Answer 1 :- Space!

Yeah, as conventional tank-type heater demands for a huge space for its installation which is sometimes hard to provide. On the other hand, tankless water heaters are very compact in the size. Even in some case these heaters features a shoe-box sized dimensions which are pretty easy to arrange and to install it.

Answer 2 :- Energy Efficiency!

Well, majority of conventional water heaters demands a regular flow of water even when its not in use, yeah so that it could provide you with hot water when you need. While tankless water heaters features a self modulating technology even some brands equips their models with smart sensors which identifies the inlet flow and activates heating elements only when required. In turn, more saving of electricity and money.

Answer 3 :- Low Maintenance Cost!

Yeah, with compact size, less elements and lesser parts. So, indirectly low damage to the parts which won’t seek additional maintenance regularly like tank type conventional water heaters.

Answer 4 :- User Friendly!

While with kids at home we often get worried about them dealing with power appliances. However, in case of tankless water heaters this worry is eliminated for forever.  Yeah, even a kid can operate this units due to pretty easy cheesy settings and controls.

Answer 5 :- Higher output!

Tankless water heaters are meant to provide you instantaneous hot water on your demand. Even though they never fail to provide the claimed output with help of smart sensing technology and self modulation of power depending on inlet water’s temperature.

Answer 6 :- Low Heat Loss!

As we mentioned earlier, tankless water heaters heats water as and when needed. So yeah, no excessive water will be heated without the need. Which in turn results in preventing heat loss from the water heater.

Answer 7 :- No production of hazardous gas!

While traditional water heater produces greenhouse gases as a bi-product due to its nature, this tankless water heaters won’t produce any hazardous element as its bi-product. Yeah, this is pretty much eco-friendly and environment oriented invention of mankind.

Answer 8 :- No Flooding!

While tank type water heaters stores hot water in its tank, this tankless heaters flushes hot water whenever demanded, it means no deposit of excessive water in the unit. Also, it doesn’t require a tank to store water which indirectly means bye bye to a major concern in the tank type water heaters.

Answer 9 :- Longer Lifespan!

Yeah, it’s a fact! Tankless water heaters are capable of serving a household for at least 20 years if maintained properly. On the other hand, tank type water heaters fails to stand high even for 10 or 15 year yeah that too with proper care.

Answer 10 :- Governmental Benefits on the Tax!

Well, our last reason is indirectly a major reason which makes upfront cost of tankless water heaters lesser compared to over all upfront cost of traditional water heaters. Yeah, Tankless water heaters comes with Federal tax rebate of 300$ which is a definite reason to opt for this marvelous invention of human kind.

Moreover you may look this video for more information regarding benefits of using a tankless water heater.


So folks! Those are the 10 major benefits which justifies the worth of tankless water heaters. Though my personal reason to say bye to tank type water heater was its space demand. Yeah, I was tired of those excessive space and I wanted to utilize spare space for other purposes.

Also, there are many tankless water heaters available on the market. If you’re thinking to buy one for your everyday usage then we’ve compiled a list of top 10 best tankless water heater reviews. Moreover, this list contains all three major fuel types and preferable models in each one.

Take a look at our reviews and comment your reason as to why you’ve made up your mind to go for a tankless water heater and which one you chose from that list of 10?

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Happy shopping mate.

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